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Payasam / Kheer recipes

Collection of  Payasam / Kheer recipes – Milk kheer recipes, quick and easy kheer recipes, kheer recipe without rice, kheer recipes with jaggery, kheer recipes with coconut milk, healthy kheer recipes and more.

Payasam / Kheer recipes

Kheer / Payasam is a sweet recipe mainly prepared using milk, rice or dal, sugar or jaggery, ghee, cashew nut, raisins and cardamom. In my Payasam / Kheer recipe collection, I include Jackfruit seed payasam, banana payasam, moong dal payasam, kadalai paruppu payasam and many other varieties of payasam recipes.

Here is a collection of all Indian kheer recipes with detailed step by step instructions with pictures and video recipes.

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